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The Dumfries office of Clever Tutors is a professional provider of private one to one home tutors in a range of school based and professional study subjects covering all urban and rural areas within the location of South West Scotland. We have tutors in South West Scotland that cover a range of subjects including maths, English, science and entrance exam tuition.

Areas covered include: Annan, Castle Douglas, Dumfries, Lockerbie, Stranraer and many more.

From £25.00 per lesson.

  • Tutors Visit Your Home
  • From just £25 per week with unlimited support
  • No Registration Fees
  • Monthly Written Feedback Reports

Whether it is additional confidence in applying subject specific concepts, factual and subject specific knowledge or exam preparation- we are sure to be able to help.

If you cannot see the area of tuition you are looking for below, please get in touch and we will do our utmost to help.

All our experienced tutors offer a professional and bespoke one-to-one tuition service where the lessons are tailored to the individual student. Our tutors will visit you in your own home at a time to suit you, or alternatively, can offer tuition from their own home if you prefer.

The Dumfries office is run by Dr Alan Watson a professional educationalist who holds both a BA (Hons) degree and a PhD in education. Dr Watson has a passion for, and a professional approach to learning, and strives to ensure that all students achieve their very best whatever their ability. 

In addition we offer Life Coaching which is an effective way of assisting people to grow and develop, so they achieve their goals in life. We are dedicated to serving the needs of all students regardless of their background.

We offer tuition at most levels, ranging from primary, secondary, post 16 and undergraduate/degree levels of study. Our tutors in Dumfries and South West Scotland, specialise in a wide range of disciplines from the core subjects of maths, English, science, languages, to sociology, history and degree preparation of sub-disciplines. In addition, we offer tuition in a variety of musical instruments in Dumfries, from beginners level to mastery, including exam preparation.

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For more advice why not chat with one of our tutors on 01900 608211



We have private tutors in Dumfries that cover the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Science
  • Chemistry
  • History
  • Geography
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Computing Science
  • Musical instrument tutors (piano teachers, guitar teachers etc.)

We have professional tutors in Dumfries that provide tuition in the following professional studies subjects

  • Sociology tutors
  • Social work tutors
  • Education Studies tutors
  • Adult Literacy and Numeracy tutors
  • Adult computing tutors
  • Life Coaching

We can also provide english language tutors for adults …

  • ESOL – English for speakers of other languages
  • EFL – English as a foreign language

… both of these can be provided with the first lesson starting at just £20.

We can also provide STUDY COACHING.  Learn smarter, not harder.
Study coaching allows you to gain an understanding of the most effective ways to learn.  How to develop a high impact learning/study plan, time management and empowering strategies to navigate your learning journey to higher grades.

If you are a school or college we can also provide targeted intervention for individual pupils or in small groups. Find out more here.


In addition to providing high quality 1-1 tuition at home, Clever Tutors can also provide services direct to schools and colleges.

Clever Tutors supplementary and alternative educational programme for schools and colleges offer a student centred 1-1 and/or small group provision (maximum of 5 students), focused on embedding a culture of high expectations emphasising personalised academic and developmental progression offered right across the curriculum.

This will allow your students to work in and from their comfort zones so they are challenged and stretched while being encouraged and nurtured, bringing both educational and social progress at the same time.

If you would like to talk to us about providing targeted intervention with individual pupils or in small groups please contact us on 01900 608211

With one call, we can provide you with high quality one-to-one bespoke education programmes, and small group tuition for underachieving and/or challenging children and young people. We operate a specialised service for the provision of supplementary (after school and during school hours), for pupils and students of all ages: for younger children, for students and for adults. Our tutors are very knowledgeable about the subjects they teach, all school and college subjects are covered as well as many university subjects. Subjects include: mathematics tuition, English tuition, sciences, languages and the humanities. We tutor in all levels. We support pupils preparing for exams, including SAT, the 11 plus Common Entrance and other entrance exams. We provide a tutoring service for all schools and colleges both state and Independent (including tutoring given for looked-after-children and for special needs support). We can also provide tutors to families who have decided to home educate their children.

Catch up tuition, one-to-one at school or in the home

For young people who have fallen behind or who have on board other challenges, individual tuition tailored to the student is a highly effective way of increasing the confidence and competence and grades, and the engagement of classroom activity.

  • Catch up tuition in small groups:In addition we offer small group targeted intervention is for those pupils who need extra support, who are struggling in the mainstream classroom environment. Our tutors have good subject knowledge and understand the literacy and numeracy strategies as well as being up to date in the delivery of the National Curriculum. Children and young people stand a better chance of catching up if these “booster classes” are arranged in addition to their normal literacy and mathematics lessons.
  • For children who need personalised support. during their transition from primary to secondary education which means a number of major changes for children. Our tutors are skilled in working in conjunction with receiving schools, this covers everything from getting organised, the use of the school diary, secondary school subjects, managing homework, extra curricular activities and much more. In addition preparing the children for different teaching methods of secondary schools, working with a range of teachers rather than a classroom teacher.
  • Exam Revision working in small groups.Our personalised small group exam revision delivered at the schools convenience in the run up to any examinations, for working in small groups which will allow more targeted individual support. This will give the pupils more competence and confidence in the subject(s) being studied, but also improves motivation and behaviour in the individual pupil.
  • Alternative Provision.We also provide educational provision for those students who are at risk of exclusion or are unable to fully attend school. Our purpose is to return students to specialist or main stream education as soon as practical. We deliver person-centred, be-spoke high quality education, ensuring the student has outstanding opportunities to re-integrate, tailored through social, emotional and academic needs, to be provide on the school site or a sourced risk free environment.

Whether you need teachers, teaching assistants, cover supervisors or exam invigilators we are the answer to your problem. We pride ourselves on putting that extra time into communicating with you, that extra care into completing our safeguarding and clearance procedures and that extra thought in supplying you with the tutors, teachers and support staff you require.

We look forward to speaking with you in the very near future – 01900 608211

Dr Alan Watson BA (Hons), Dip SW, PG Dip SW, MA PhD.

We are here to help 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.




Confidence | Competence | Grades

Private tuition on a one to one basis is a highly effective way of increasing confidence, competence and grades. We will discuss with you your individual requirements, including any relevant background information, and your academic goals before selecting the most appropriate tutor in the Cumbria area for your circumstances.

Peace of Mind | Security | Safety

All our tutors are experienced, highly qualified, hold enhanced DBS clearance and have been vetted by us. Moreover, our Cumbria tutors are committed to the Clever Tutors Child Protection Policy and are fully insured for your peace of mind.

Transparency on Fees

We believe at Clever Tutors that  transparency of fees is important for prospective students and their families. We do not charge registration fees, finding fees, or administration fees.  All the work we do upfront in finding the perfect tutor is completely free of charge, and comes with no strings attached. You will only pay if you go ahead with one of our tutors, and everything is rolled into the prices, quoted below. This ‘no hidden fees policy’ makes us pretty unique among providers of educational home tuition. We just love simplicity and transparency.

  • Book now from just £25 per lesson

Contact us now to book one of our tutors 01900 608211.

We can guarantee that our rates are fair and competitive and we continually review our rates of tuition to ensure a more affordable and suitable tuition for everyone.

Our prices start from £25.00 per hour when ten lessons are booked and are one hour tuition which is incredibly affordable pricing for quality professional tuition. This is exceptionally good value given the areas we serve and who we look to serve.

It is advised that you discuss pricing with us during your free initial consultation. You can also set a budget during this consultation and we will try our best to meet your expectations and tutoring needs.

After all, we are here to help and not to break your bank.

Key Stage 1 and 2 tuition is available for £250.00 for ten lessons.

We Really Do Care

It’s true, we really do want you and your child to have the highest quality of tuition. We do not ask for any up front payments or registration fees. There are no contracts to sign, or any requirements for a minimum number of lessons. We offer short term intensive tuition as well as ongoing support , which can continue for many weeks and months. The rhythm and routine for lessons can, and will, evolve to bring the best benefit to the student.

With experience of tutoring children and adults on a one-to-one basis, we know that children and adults make remarkable progress in only a few weeks, Ability, self belief, competence, confidence, enjoyment, all begin to take root and grow.  We are here to help, because we are committed to providing  productive high quality tuition. Affordable, from as little as £25 per week.






 Client Reviews

“John is great Archie has really taken to him already thank you so much for sending him to us. I have been telling everyone about your company. Thank you again.” L.H.

“Maths tutoring – secondary school student report review. My son was below average with his maths and struggling with some concepts. After a few weeks of tutoring by Dr Watson, my son’s confidence soared along with his ability to retain maths concepts and explore new ones with confidence: his last test at school saw him scoring 100% !!!! Thankyou !!! Would highly recommend cumbria clever tutors to anyone.” Joanne

 “Maths and history tutoring – My son was struggling with maths and history assignments and was below average for his GCSE and had little confidence within himself until we discovered cumbria clever tutors. Dr Alan Watson has been very supportive towards my son and his tutoring is first class my son is now achieving well within school and his grades have gone from a C to a B thanks to cumbria clevor tutors whom i would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks again to Doctor Alan watson for all your help and support.”  CR

“My daughter was struggling to attain a grade C in maths and was going to sit the foundation paper.  Since having a tutor from Clever Tutor her confidence has been boosted and she is now working at an A.  If she does A levels I will have no hesitation but to contact Clever tutors again and hopefully have the same tutor, who was encouraging, patient and professional.”

“Very happy to send client review and could not recommend your service more highly. In just six sessions with your friendly, reassuring tutor my daughter has gone from stressed and despondent to happy and confident. Her marks have doubled, her grades improved and she is now ‘exam ready. Thank you so much Clever Tutors, I only wish we had found you sooner.”

“My son was struggling badly in mathematics at school.  In his mock exams my son was only scoring low with a grade E.  Since having a mathematics tutor from Cumbria Clever Tutors my son’s confidence has grown and so has his grades. He received his GCSE results last week and in mathematics he has jumped a full two grades and he received a C grade. This is thanks to Cumbria Clever Tutors. I would recommend Cumbria Clever Tutors over any other provider, to anyone who is needing tuition on a 1-1 basis.  Thank you Dr. Alan Watson for helping my son achieve these grades.”  Mrs R

“Cumbria Clever Tutors has given valuable support to The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, and is recorded as a friend of the Regiment.”
Brigadier DJ Paterson OBE
Colonel of the Regiment.



This is to certify that Cumbria Clever Tutors has given valuable support to the HOUSEHOLD CAVALRY and is recorded as a friend of the Regiment.

SIGNED Regimental Adjutant Household Cavalry.

H S J Scott.


You can find out more about working with us here.


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Online Tutoring

After having our most successful year to date in supplementary education, Clever Tutors are implementing World leading technology in the form of Bramble. This delivers the impossible with better access to tutors, creating better revision materials, and automated reporting from the best in class software, thus offering the student more flexibility and reach in directing the power of technology and the internet towards online tutoring.

Bramble fuses the audio and visual elements of the best-in-class software like Skillcast, Skype, Loop and Facetime with a big interactive Whiteboard that allows real-time on screen editing, annotation and a copy/paste /upload/import function for total immersion and connectivity between tutor and student. There are no delays, tutors and students see and hear each others actions as they happen. This enhances cognitive learning, problem solving and retention and recollection of knowledge. Bramble also offers greater flexibility on the time and location of tutoring whether it is in the home, online or both.

We are committed to providing dependable, flexible, imaginative expert tutors who understand education. In enabling change, not just delivering a lesson which is cost effective, great value for money can be obtained with a commitment to each and every student and the best possible online tutoring experience.

To enquire about our online tutoring please complete the enquiry form below …

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