The Clever Tutors Tuition Experience

The Clever Tutors tuition experience starts when you make contact with your local office. We provide a free initial consultation where we listen to your concerns and enquire about your aspirations and take note of any relevant background information. We will work with your school if required to obtain academic information and where relevant can provide learning style questionnaires and subject assessments. All of this then enables us to source the most effective tutor for your individual requirements.

  • Your child is unique – No two students are alike in their approach to learning, and no two tutors are the same in their delivery and approach. Group teaching can often become ineffective if the teaching style does not correspond with the pupil’s learning style. This is why one to one tuition is so powerful, as the tutor can adopt their approach to teaching to suit the pupil. Our tutors will work together with you and your child to find the best approach to enable your child to reach their learning goals and true potential.
  • Tutor Match – Our aim at Clever Tutors is to find the most suitable match between the student and the tutor to ensure that the student’s individual requirements can be met. We will assess the student’s learning style and use this information to help us find the perfect tutor. This can also be used to inform the tutor how to adapt their approach to teaching. With the help of our learning styles questionnaire we can identify the student’s preferred learning styles.
  • Individual Customised learning plans –  Once we have identified your child’s learning styles and we understand your aims, your tutor can provide a customised learning plan including realistic, achievable yet challenging learning goals.
  • Feedback reports – We also can arrange for regular progress reports to be emailed to you so that you can check on your child’s progress and make adjustments and suggestions where necessary.